Supplement Help For An Old Newbie...

  1. Supplement Help For An Old Newbie...

    So, some of you guys might remember me.. I was a religous member of this board about 3 years ago.. I was pretty heavy into tha bodybuilding lifestyle and going hard towards my goals.. Then, I suffered a bad injury when I tore my rotator cuff in my left shoulder.. I began some therapy for my shoulder, but during that time, I wrecked my 4-wheeler and suffered an A/C seperation in my right shoulder.. At that time, I pretty much gave up and figured I would never lift again.. Well, it's been three years or so, and I've probably put on 50 lbs of excess weight.. Eating like I'm bulking, but without lifting..

    So, anyways, that brings me to where I'm at now.. Ready to get back into lifting.. Nothing major.. Just want to get back in shape.. Lean out and add some quality muscle.. I've began doing some light dumbell exercises for chest, shoulders, back, and arms.. A few light squats, nothing major.. A little cardio from walking my dogs and hitting the heavy bag.. But, I am in need of some good supplements and can't remember where I used to get the deals from.. Specifically I am looking for:

    * Whey Protein for post-workout -- I used to use Optimum Nutrition, and I liked that stuff.. Seems like I used to pay 40 some bucks though and I can't find it for less than 60...
    * Glucosamine Chondroiton/MSM -- To help out my bad joints...
    * Zinc-Magnesium Supp
    * Flax Oil

    So, basically I am wondering where I should go for the best deals on some quality supplements.. If I could get a few suggestions, it would be very helpful.. So, thanks in advance.. I look forward to meeting some new cats around the board and seeing how some of tha old ones are doing...

    BiG JoN
    Silver Lining Bullies | ThE BuLLiEs ArE MoViN DoWn SoUtH

  2. nutra planet has great deals, and is where most people here buy their supps. Froogle is also your friend, but I would check out NP first.

    And in regards to whey, the price has gone up on whey across the board.

    Good luck getting back into it!

  3. incarnate/bulk citrulline malate, and leviathan. the first 2 are great for enduace/stamina plus incarnate has cissus in it. the leviathan is the best fatburner out right now,imo.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  4. Best of luck to you bro. Getting back on the horse, so to speak...

    Nutra is the place to be nowadays. The turn around is amazing and you pretty much can't find cheaper prices.

    As far as the Whey sucks, but every producer's prices have gone up. I use ON too...I was thinking of omving over to All the Whey or True Protein and buy in bulk next 20-30lbs but we shall see...

  5. Well, I definitely appreciate tha help.. I got me 10 pounds of ON Whey, Some ZMA, and two bottles of Leviathan.. I'm gonna run two months on that and see what kind of results I get.. I'm looking forward to it, other than the cardio.. Never like that ****.. But, thanks again to everybody that helped out.. I'll be seein ya'll around tha board...

    BiG JoN

  6. Screw cardio....

    I haven't done it in a very long time...

  7. You aint lyin bro.. Cardio fukin sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.. All my cardio consists of is walking my dogs, and hittin tha heavy bag, so I can deal with that.. You aint gonna see me on a bike or a stairmaster.. LoL...

  8. I take my puppy out three times a day. Thats about it.


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