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    Alright Gents,

    This is my very first post on AnabolicMinds. A buddy of mine suggested this forum over BB's a couple of weeks ago, and have been skimming posts ever since.

    I've been lifting for about a year and half. In that time I've gone from over 300lbs to 225. 32%BF to 13-14%. Supplements I've taken along the line include Proteins, NO Xplode, Cell-Mass, some standard Multi-V's, and Scivation XTEND. I'm not going into the details of how / when I stacked these throughout the past year. I simply wanted to give you guys an idea what I've worked with in the past.

    It's been 4 months now since I've taken anything except Protein and my Multi's and have been seriously considering purchasing a new stack. I've plateued in the gym, both in strength and physical appearance and would like a kick start.

    (Appearance being a bit more important to me, although I am well aware of the balance which must be kept...)

    While skimming the forum I found the following thread:

    I had heard only brief rants about these products in the past, but after more research the past few days I decided this would indeed be my next stack. After all, everyone seems to be raving about their results...

    I Purchased
    2 Bottles: Bad Ass Mass (120 Caps Total)
    2 Bottles: Jungle Warfare (180 Caps Total)
    1 Bottle: Restore (90 Cap)

    First let me say I know many people have mentioned that you do not need post cycle therapy following the BAM / JW stack. But I've never done anything where post cycle therapy was ever even mentioned so out of a bit of precaution/fear I purchased the Restore. Like I said, I'm a newb trying to do the best research I can. Which brings me to my questions...

    My supps will be arriving in 2 Weeks, and I am absolutly killing myself at the gym to get down to 220lbs during this time. Once I hit this weight I would like to begin my new stack. My first question...

    Question 1
    Should I wait to drop to a lower weight, ie: 215, 210, in order to visually see better results from this stack, or am I ok in my 220lb benchmark I have set for myself?

    Question 2
    Can somebody please offer me a schedule / plan of action for which to take these supps. I have heard many individuals that are about my size talk about how you eventually want to get to 3 pills of BAM for best results... Either way, I'm looking for a timeline for these three products.

    IE: Week 1: 1 Bam / 2 JW
    Week 2: 2 Bam / 3 JW
    Week 8: 3 Bam / 4 JW / 2 Restore
    ...and so on...

    That type of deal. You folks are much more knowledgable than I am, and your input is GREATLY appreciated!!!

    Question 3
    Tips, Advice, Pearls of Wisdom... Lay it on me...

    Again, thank you guys so very much... Once I begin, I will be sure to provide a detailed log given I get the information I need from this post.


  2. Wow, this is going to be a nice and long, yet hopefully successful, stack.

    Typically, these three products are run as such:
    JW: Weeks 1-4
    BAM: Weeks 3-6 (two week overlap with JW)
    Restore: Weeks 5-8 (two week overlap with BAM)
    Apparently that is the "bulking" protocol.

    The "cutting" protocol is running them in that order each for four weeks with no overlap.

    In my opinion, I would run them as a "bulking" stack. But really the difference between bulking and cutting is going to be in your diet.

    Since you have 2 bottles of JW and 2 bottles of BAM, I'm thinking you might want to try this:
    Weeks 1-4: JW
    Weeks 5-8: JW + BAM
    Weeks 9-12: BAM + Restore

    What you end up doing will depend highly on how long you want to be doing this for...adjust accordingly. Also, it will depend on how many caps of each you want to do. Since you are a bigger guy, you might want to make the last couple weeks of JW at 4 caps and the last couple weeks of BAM at 3 caps. Work up to those numbers tho! Not that it will hurt you, but you will probably see better results by starting lower then increasing the dosage.

    So it could look like this:
    Weeks 1-4: JW(3 caps)
    Weeks 5-6: JW(3 caps) + BAM(2 caps)
    Weeks 7-8: JW(4 caps) + BAM(2 caps)
    Weeks 9-10: BAM(2 caps) + Restore(3 caps)
    Weeks 11-12: BAM(3 caps) + Restore(3 caps)

    The "weeks" above are only guidelines, because by increasing the number of caps you will lose a few days. It will probably end up being about only 11 weeks long. Use an Excel spreadsheet to figure out daily doses.

    Also, there is no need for post cycle therapy. Restore isn't there for PCT. I think it just helps to continue to control estrogen and cortisol.

    In my opinion, I know you want to cut down to 215 or whatever you're looking for, but I would run this as a bulk. It seems like a huge waste of money/time to get all this stuff and to use it on a cut just to help save muscle. There are other/cheaper/better ways to spare muscle on a cut. So go ahead and get down to 215 if you want. Just know that if you do this right you will weigh more than 215 than when you started!

  3. Damn, the more I think about it the more I really want to try this.

    I have a bottle of each waiting in my room to run the stack for the regular 8 weeks, but maybe I want to get another bottle of JW and BAM...

    OH OH OH!!! Just thought of another way to run this:

    Weeks 1-2: JW
    Weeks 3-4: JW + BAM
    Weeks 5-6: JW + BAM
    Weeks 7-8: JW + BAM
    Weeks 9-10: BAM + Restore
    Weeks 11-12: Restore

    THAT might be the way to go.

    Yeah, I like that. (number of caps will be up to you)
  4. Thats What I'm Talking About...

    Thats awesome man!!! Exactly the type of guidance I was looking for. I work till midnight tonite, but will jump on later this evening / tomorrow morning to discuss in more detail...

    Anyone else have anything to add???

  5. JJC, LOL your the best !!!!!! Good advice !

  6. great stack my friend good luck and enjoy Deployed blogging

  7. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm View Post
    JJC, LOL your the best !!!!!! Good advice !
    Am I so good that I deserve a free bottle of JW and BAM to try this out as well?

  8. Im running all 3 at the same time for 8 weeks. For 8 weeks i am taking all products every day....The hardcore bulk stack as fit would say...

  9. Alrighty, so at the guidance of JJC (Thanx again bro...), here's what I'm looking at:

    Week 1: JW (2 Caps)
    Week 2: JW (3 Caps)
    Weeks 3-4: JW (3 Caps) + BAM (2 Caps)
    Weeks 5-6: JW (4 Caps) + BAM (2 Caps)
    Weeks 7-8: JW (4 Caps) + BAM (2 Caps)
    Weeks 9-10: BAM (3 Caps) + Restore (3 Caps)
    Weeks 11-12: Restore (3 Caps)

    As you can see I'm going to ease back into all of this the first week or 2 as not to completely shock my body. As a few of you said, this is going to be a nice LONG stack.

    I do believe that I'm going to try and cut my weight down a few more pounds, but won't be obsessing about it. As mentioned above I'll hopefully be ending up a bit heavier anyway, and with a fairly clean diet I should see some decent lean muscle.

    I'll be utilizing a fairly simple routine of:

    5/6 Exercises per Bodypart
    1 Warm Up + 4 Sets = 5 Total Sets Per Exercise

    8-12 Reps Per Set

    Monday: Back
    Tuesday: Arms
    Wednesday: Chest
    Thursday: Shoulders
    Friday: -Rest-
    Saturday: Legs
    Sunday: -Rest-
    • A 30min. Cardio session will follow each training day as well.
    • As will routine ab workouts multiple times a week.

    For more detailed information about my training regime please ask. As far as diet, well... I'm going to be doing my best. As I said in my first post, a year and a half in, and I'm still a newb. Diet will always be my weak point, but I will strive to do all that I can.

    Now for a few more questions...

    Stack Question
    What time of the day should I be taking these? I'm guessing spread them out evenly throughout the day w/ meals. At least thats what I've gathered from my research. If I'm wrong please let me know...

    Protein Question
    How many grams of protein do I want to be taking in during this stack? Keeping in mind that I don't want to walk away 20lbs heavier from this endeavor. Should I be adhering to the 1:1 ratio of grams to bodyweight? As of right now I take in about 160g of protein and I am 225lbs.

    Pre-Workout Question
    Do to my hectic work schedule I sometimes need a kick in the ass to get moving in the gym. Would it be alright to rock out a little bit of NO Xplode pre-workout? I've used it before, and it did wonders for my in-gym mentality.

    Guess thats it...

    As always, PLEASE post with ANY SUGGESTIONS, COMMENTS, THOUGHTS, Etc... I truely appreciate the time people like JJC put in to helping a 10rep newb on his first post. It's individuals like him who have enabled me to adopt this new lifestyle. Thank you all, and I hope to see more posts soon...

  10. your protein is way to low.. minimum it should be is 225 and if you are looking to gain mass on this stack you should get it up even higher. At least to 1.5g/lb-bw and as high as 2g/lb-bw. keep your carbs clean except post w/o. An fats to good must eat to grow.

    The n-o explode is fine for pre w/o.

    For doseing just follow what the bottles say to do. BAM can be taken with or without food you should be eating every 2-3 hours also..

    You also might think about incorporating some low rep (4-6 range) heavy weight weeks to hit the fast twitch muscle fibers. By doing a constant 8-12 rep range i think you will be neglecting you fast twitch fibers to much. Run a week of all power low rep heavy weight the the next go for the higher reps. That would hit both the fast and slow twitch fibers...just my 2 cents...

  11. Yeah, you pretty much confirmed what I thought to be true when it came to my protein intake. Thanks bro...

    Also, I will start reading up on a heavy/low rep routine to incorporate... You say 4-6 rep range, if I were to train in this manner even in alternating weeks it would be the first time in a year and half I will have pushed "Heavy Weight."

    I've always been a light-weight, slow controlled burn type of guy. Perhaps I will piece together a routine and run through it next week in order to check my form at higher weights...

    Thanks Again...

    Thoughts anyone??? On this or any other aspect of what we're discussing in this thread?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by MrJones View Post
    Yeah, you pretty much confirmed what I thought to be true when it came to my protein intake. Thanks bro...

    Also, I will start reading up on a heavy/low rep routine to incorporate... You say 4-6 rep range, if I were to train in this manner even in alternating weeks it would be the first time in a year and half I will have pushed "Heavy Weight."

    I've always been a light-weight, slow controlled burn type of guy. Perhaps I will piece together a routine and run through it next week in order to check my form at higher weights...

    Thanks Again...

    Thoughts anyone??? On this or any other aspect of what we're discussing in this thread?
    Check out this web site


    great w/o system

  13. Hey Jones, I really wanted to add my third cent to this thread but I kinda put it off and forgot about it. ...Looks like you've got it all figured out tho!

    As for your last few questions...

    Timing: Spread them out throughout the day as you already stated. If you can, time it so that you take one dose of whatever you're at before lifting. You will probably like it that way...alot actually.

    Protein: I completely agree with Hoopie here. Since you're already a bigger guy, I would aim for 2 g protein per pound of body weight. In fact, if I were you(your goals might be a little different than mine, plus I'm only 190 lbs) I would just eat like crazy on this stack. I would love to see you gain at least 20 pounds off this stack. Sounds pretty sick but I really think it's doable. I did two bottle of JW in a row on their own and gained almost 15 pounds in those two months. Also, your gains off this stack will be mostly lean. You will gain fat if you eat enough, but it will be kept in check.

    Pre w/o drink: I really liked the tub of NO-Xplode I used that I had 8 months ago but really whatever gets you going will be fine with this stack. There are alot of options out there if you find it's not doing the job anymore.

    As far as lifting routine goes: If you wanna go with the P/RR/S routine then that's fine(I might try that soon actually). But from my experience, you will notice strength gains within the first two weeks of JUST JW. I can only imagine what you'll be feeling when you throw in the BAM. I'm seriously thinking of doing this exact insane stack in the fall when I want to do my next big bulk and when I do I will just keep throwing on heavy weights for 8-10 reps. I'm not exactly sure how the lower weight higher reps will work out because I just feel like you will think that the weights are too light everytime you come back to that scheme. But since this is going to be a long stack, you will at some point want to switch it up. I know I just talked myself in a circle, but you will figure it out when you get into it. I guess maybe start with what you're comfortable doing as far as lifting, then start tinkering as you notice the effects. Ok I'm done not getting anywhere with this subject!

    Thanks for the compliments. Best of luck with this. It's gonna be a trip. Here are some reps to get you started .

  14. Great Post...

    I'm mind-numbingly tired right now, but I'll post up with some thoughts at some point tomorrow...

    As always JJC, the time you've invested into this particular thread is truely appreciated.


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