EC stack at 18?

  1. EC stack at 18?

    Hey anyways i'm 18 as mentioned, 180 pounds and 8-9% body fat. Been training for about 3 years without many supplements.....few months of creatine, no2 products. I want to get down to about 5%, which has always been difficult for me as I have a lack of energy and extreme cravings. I was thinking of trying a light EC stack (8mg ephedrine a day to start and moving up to a max of 20mg with 200-300 mg caffeine per day; all split up in 2-3 doses). Should this be fine?

  2. IT shouldn't be a big deal considering you are in Good health.. No BP or heart issues i'm assuming. Just go slow with it and keep a look out for side effects. Make sure your diet is in check otherwise the EC will be for nothing.

    The stack should def help with the energy and even more with the cravings problem.

  3. thanks for the reply. yea that's what I was thinking would be the big upside to the ec stack would be the enhanced energy and less cravings, which are my 2 biggest problems when cutting because I think my diet is in pretty good shape.

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