alpha drive stack

  1. alpha drive stack

    what would stack well with alpha drive for a good nh stack?

  2. nh=non hormonal?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    nh=non hormonal?
    yeah non-hormonal, i know alpha drive is a good product so im just wondering if something like blue up or rebound reloaded would stack well with it. it will be during pct so im leaning towards rebound reloaded for its anti e qualities.

  4. now im interested in trying e bol, theres so many freakin supplements out now that seem good i cant choose!

    alpha drive, anabolic pump, e bol, retain....good stack? anything else that would fit in there better?

  5. I think the Alpha Drive XL would stack nicely with ActivaTe. You'd get the increased test with the Alpha Drive and ActivaTe would ensure more of it is free test so that results are maximized. If you're worried about cortisol and/or are cutting, throw in AX's Retain for good measure and I think you're golden.

  6. yeah i already have the alpha drive and retain, definitely want to try anabolic pump because that looks like the best non hormonal supplement out, and i wanted to throw in one more thing to help my keep gaining through pct. ill look into activite, dont you need 2 bottles of that to get everything out of it?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by charger71 View Post
    ill look into activite, dont you need 2 bottles of that to get everything out of it?
    Depends on how you're dosing and how long you will be running it for. ActivaTe has 120 caps in each bottle and most use 4 - 6 caps per day.

  8. i think im gonna go with ebol because it can lower blood preasure and has other health benefits, which would be wonderful after coming off phera/epistane.


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