This is my second post, after reading posts, logs and reviews for months, and now I have to ask for some advice. I know this has been asked to death, but many of the stacks appear to be new and I have never used the brands here (I did receive a free Purple Wraath sample and liked it).

I am searching for a potent stack (no more that two or three supplements) to support maximum size and stregth (but minimal carb intake). I am not really concerned about loosing fat at this time and want to bulk up for a wedding in October. Later in July I will start to cut, but need additional size and strenght to reach goals. Some of the supplement stacks are confusing and alot of new ones are out, so please feel free to comment.

Historically: I have used the major brands and want to look into the brands idenitfied in

Presently I am using True Protein (Custom blend protein powder - post workout and in PM), Orynx whey protein (pre workout), NO-Explode (pre-workout - just started to use it), Animal Pak, DHEA (100 mg at 50 mg AM and 50 mg PM), I recently ran out of Animal Stak2 and T-Bomb 2, and Animal Sterol Complex. (I tend to trust the Animal line of products)

I follow the Westside powerlifting programs with slight modifications for the dynamic effort days - staying more towards reps with the use of jump stretch bands to aid in resistance.

My goals are as follows: at age 37 height 5'10" weight 213#
Bench = 315 (current 245) -- always a big problem
Squat = 405 (current about 315 - 325)
Deadlift = 425 (current about 325 - 350)
Military press = 135 (current 105)
increase body weight to 230 without excessive bodyfat.

Past experience, off and on regarding BBing, now interested in Powerlifting. Would like to enter a PL competition next year for experience and supporting the sport.

I am also using the Metabolic Diet (aka Anabolic Dient for Powerlifters) and I have seen a good drop in body fat and waist size. My build is average/athletic. The diet restricts carbs to about 30 g per day for the week and then I can eat tons of carbs during the weekend. So far the diet has done me well, and I plan on staying on it, so I an watching my carbs during the weekdays

Finally, I lift first thing in the AM (at 6:30 AM) goto work and am starting to return to the gym in the PM to focus on legs.

Would appreciate your experience and advice regarding the products on

Thanks in advance.