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  1. Talking stack recommendation

    Hi I have these, but not too sure how to best maximize the effects

    1. 3 bottles camp
    2. 2 DCP (just got it as birthday gift), though not too sure about TTA, but it's a gift
    3. 2 bottles sesathin caps
    4. 1 bottle HEAT

    Was thinking 3 caps HEAT in the morning empty stomach. 30mins later take protein shake, 5 grams fish oil + 5 grams lecithin, and 2 caps sesathin, with 2 DCP and 2CAMP

    Lunch with 2 DCP and 2 CAMP and 2 sesathin caps

    dinner 2 DCP and 2 CAMP and 2 sesathin caps

    I'm an ecto so a bit above maintenance +/- 500 cals, but need to shred some stubborn waist VAT

    Only oncern is green tea in CAMP inhibiting the absorption of the fish oil..

    too much at one sitting?

    Any inputs?


  2. Seems like a potent stack to me. Should allow you to go rather low in cals and drop fat quickly. You might wanna add some BCAA if you're going very low cal.
    MOTIV8 II Challenge
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