Amazed by AN IGF-2!

  1. Amazed by AN IGF-2!

    Hey guys, just wanted to drop in with a little testimonial. Obviously I'm with Applied Nutriceuticals, so you'll have to take my opinion for what it's worth.

    I tried IGF-2 for a week or so a couple months back, nothing majorly impressive, some gains, but nothing phenomenal, sleep was greatly improved however. Well, we have been receiving a lot of feedback on IGF-2... and when I noticed the trend that it was ALL good, I did a little more thinking, and decided to give IGF-2 a fair shot again.
    I am glad I did!!! It took around 10-12 days to notice strength and endurance boosts becoming VERY apparent, as well as recovery time. Most recently, I have been using a Hammer Strength wide iso-lateral press as the "heavy" on my chest day. I managed to press 180 lbs. on each side yesterday, for 6 reps. I weight about 170. Summary, I am LOVING IGF-2, and I'm thinking it's only gonna get better when I add in the Neovar next time around. (Won't be for a couple months, as I am going to start a cut next week for the "Applied Nutriceuticals Feast or Famine contest"... I WANT that $1000 vacation!!! Check out the contest in the AN section of the forum). I will however be using IGF-2 to try to maintain strength while cutting.


  2. You are a AN Rep and you are doing AN's contest.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by TheUnlikelyToad View Post
    You are a AN Rep and you are doing AN's contest.

    I am! And it is fair believe it or not.

    Why? Because the viewers will pick the winners, not AN.
    It'll actually put me at a disadvantage, because many people won't want the AN reps to win.

  4. labanes as honest as they come

  5. Thanks Freezito. You going to enter the contest by any chance? You can't tell me that grand prize isn't appealing!



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