New Combo Stack Thoughts - Test Booster & AI

  1. New Combo Stack Thoughts - Test Booster & AI

    Hello Guys,

    I wonder if you guys could give me some input. I am considering purchasing some products for test boost and anti-e. Current products I am looking at are:

    1. Powerfull

    2. Novedex XT

    3. Kilosport Attack

    4. Androstenetrione

    I am currently leaning towards the powdered form of 6-OXO and the Kilosport Attack but am not sure if Attack or Novedex XT. From your points of view / experience / visibility / usage by bodybuilders what would you recommend?

    Here are a couple links for studies on both Attack and Novedex


    Kilosport Attack

    I am 34yrs young working out for a few years. Other sups are creatine, longjack, nettle root, maca, aakg.

    Thanks all,


  2. Look into ActivaTe and Rebound Reloaded or Activate and Androstenetrione. This stack has been proven very effective.

  3. ALRI Jungle Warfare and Restore stack is also good. I just just ended a 8 wk cycle and had impressive results.

  4. NHA stack or Formestane w/ Activate or Powerfull would be the way to go.

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