1. ALRI/USP Stack

    Ok, so I picked up an order of JW/BAM around the same time the new PowerFULL dropped on us. I think I'm going to run ALRI with USP and see how it works out. Plan is to start next Monday and here is the tentative regimen...

    Week 1-4: JW 1 cap @ 3xdaily
    Week 2-5: PowerFULL 1 cap @ 4xdaily
    Week 3-6: BAM 1 cap @ 2xdaily / AP 1 cap @ 3xdaily
    Week 5-8: Restore 1 cap @ 3xdaily (????)

    I haven't ordered the Restore yet, as I'm undecided on how to finish this out. I'll have a bottle of PowerFULL on hand, would it be beneficial to run that through to the finish with Restore?? or should I run the Restore solo??

    anyway, I'm just looking for some advice on tweeking my line-up for optimal results. I'll also be taking SuperCissusRx, Green Magnitude and Xtend the entire time. I'd like to take AP from week 3 onward; however, I'm down to one bottle and am patiently awaiting Jacob for round two (hint-hint, any extras? anyone?).

    BTW, I'm 6'4" 235, should I be bumping any of these dosages?
    I'd also be willing to do a log if anyone is interested...

    thanks in advance for your help and recommendations.

  2. A log would be excellent, I'll be starting a JW/BAM cycle friday along with anabolic pump let me know how everything goes. Doesages look about right for your size.

  3. Personally I would do the BAM and PowerFULL at the same time. Dont just run the powerfull alone do this

    Weeks 1-2: JW 1x3 Caps Daily
    Weeks 3-4: JW + BAM 1x3 Daily
    Weeks 5-6: BAM + PowerFULL (dosed accordingly)
    Weeks 7-8: PowerFULL + Restore
    Weeks 9-10: Restore 1 cap x 3 daily

  4. Check my sig JW restore and BAM is a great stack

    toss in some NEOVar for pumps like no other. Deployed blogging

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