Alternating fat burners w/ energy supps? eg. amp

  1. Alternating fat burners w/ energy supps? eg. amp

    G'day - my nutrionist put me on a fat burner for energy (help get me through 2 hour MMA training session without any carbs), im thinking of changing the brand to one that is recommended for 5 days on / 2 days off & no need to cycle. Can i use Amp for example, on the weekends & not build a tolerance to the fat burner? I work 2 jobs, 60hr weeks (inc. 2 nightshifts bouncing) & train MMA bout 15hrs p/wk...

  2. some tag-team combos im thinking Hot-rox & Spike, Fusions T-2 & Fubar etc...

  3. I alternate, Between, ECA, NCY, AMP, REDLINE. I have a huge tolerance to stims and this helps me to still get the stimulating effects without having to have large doses.

  4. Cheers.

  5. I've been using Amp for months now and have only built a slight tolerance. I take it 3 days a week.


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