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    I've been using guthealth for about 10 days now. I started at 2 a day for the first 5, now down to 1. I may have missed one day. I have not noticed any effects. My regular "protien shake gas" is just as strong. My diet is pretty clean. Would increasing the dose help? Any ideas?

  2. Give it some more time. It may take a full two or three weeks.

    I have pretty terrible protein/creatine gas...and just really bad gas in general...and i'm just starting to notice a little bit less gas after using GUT Health for almost three weeks. Whenever I pass gas now, it still smells awful, but the frequency is slowly decreasing.

    So it could take you a little bit longer if you're pretty potent back there.

  3. Thanks, good advice. I guess maybe I am being a little impatient.

  4. It depends on your previous balance of intestinal flora. GUT health is a long term solution to counteract the problems of modern diet.

    As the new, potent good bacteria begin to dominate and displace the unhealthy bacteria you will notice feelings of well being, calmness "inside" and decrease in side effects from high protein diets.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Cool View Post
    Thanks, good advice. I guess maybe I am being a little impatient.
    You're welcome! I was(am) in the same boat as you. I was expecting results sooner than they came and it got me a little disappointed. BUT, the longer I'm on it, the less (often) I'm stanky. I just hope in gets kind of embarrassing when I let one rip under my desk at work, then someone walks by. No one to blame it on!

  6. Still no positive benefits I can see. Gas and occasional bloating is still the same. I am dissapointed but, some supplements don't work for everyone.

  7. Are you taking this with or without food?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Aeternitatis View Post
    Are you taking this with or without food?
    That's a good question. I take mine as soon as I wake up with some other pills/vitamins/AP and then prepare breakfast. If you're taking it with food maybe try taking it on an empty stomach so all of those little guys get through your bowels. Or vice versa just to try something different.

    Also, this is week three for me and I really feel a difference with my gas issues. They still smell when they come, but the frequency has dropped appreciably. It might take you just as long for the effects to appear.

  9. Probiotics tend to be more effective when taken on an empty stomach.
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  10. In the last few months my stomach has been bloating really bad after my evening meals more than in the a.m., I have been taking Ultra-Zyme by Natures Plus for about 3 weeks and have not had any help with the bloating, I will compare the ingredients and may give the gut health a try, its bad enough my 5 year old told me I have a big belly now, she is now grounded...

  11. I recommend stacking GUT Health with Probiotic Defense by NOW Foods. Take them together on an empty stomach.
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