upcomming NH stack...

  1. upcomming NH stack...

    I'm thinking about doing

    Xfactor : 50 days
    Ebol : 30 days (after first 20 with xfactor only)

    I'm also considering adding, AcTivate, Lean Xtreme and/or RR


  2. I would do the NHA stack first. Just the activate and rebound xt. I saw good strength and weight gains from it. You could throw in the lean extreme too if your trying to cut a little.

  3. I would do the X-factor + e-bol stack, then the DS NHA stack.

  4. is that e-bol by fizogen?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Big BAMA View Post
    is that e-bol by fizogen?

  6. You might want to run a search on that here. The feedback I have read on this site is the e-bol is a waste of money. thermolife Liverlonger I have heard works but there again if you search you get conflicting reports.
    Then again it might work for ya.

  7. interesting...almost everything I've come across is positive about ebol...

    I have used Lean Xtreme, RR, and Activate in the past...

    I didn't like RR cause the lose in libido...and I dind't like Activate cause of the cause of acne...and I didn't get good results either...

    Lean Xtreme I did with that stack and also by it's self...and I liked it much more by it's self...

    that is why i'm leaning towards an ebol/xfact/lean xtreme stack at this point...

    however I also want to try BAM and JW...

  8. I have heard great things about BAM and JW. I am currently on a cycle of Pheramax and xmass. I am going to use JW in the PCT. I hope the E-bol works for you. Let us know.


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