first time stack

  1. first time stack

    hey guys, you may wonder of my credibility because of this being my only post but i've been lingering on this forum for a while. I've decided that i'm ready to take my first supplement stack. I've been reading many threads on the good praise of AP and Powerfull. I also read that combining DCP with it would make a very successful combination. Now, I know that DCP has positive effects---and negative---what are the known negative effects besides the high blood pressure or headaches that i've read about. Also, any tips or information that would be helpful in me executing this first stack would be greatly appreciated. I plan on running it for about a month. What's a great PCT product that would go well with these products. Also, would u reccomend the jungle warfare and badassmass stack over this AP and powerfull stack.
    any info is appreciated...i want to be enlightened, and i learn new things everyday


  2. there is no pct required for either. run both stacks back to back. Those are all good beginner supps. id throw in some cee if you dont have any already.

  3. I agree with doodle

  4. For a great CEE, may I suggest Axis Labs - SMASH. It is a great creatine, gives really solid pumps, and tons of energy. I think you will really like it.

    Heres the link ---> Smash (30 Servings) By Axis Labs

    If you have any questions or need help with anything man, hit me up via AIM=Mattdubiin or shoot me an email (sig).

  5. Smash is a very good product. I would give it try.

  6. Anabolic-Pump+PowerFULL+Super Cissus-RX=Pro GH, Test, Anti-Cortisol, Anti-PPAR-Gamma/Pro GLUT4 stack. The general health value of the stack is great, the implications with a bulking/recomposition plan are excellent.


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