How to stack? JW, BAM, new PF

  1. How to stack? JW, BAM, new PF

    I'm a day away from being 2 weeks into my Jungle Warfare. I got BAM at the same time and was going to start taking it soon, but ordered and received the new formula PowerFull the other day. My question is, how should I stack the 3 for the best results, but staying on the safe side. Can I take PowerFull w/ the JW, and then run the BAM the last week of PowerFull and finish it out on its own the last 3 weeks?

  2. You can definitely run PowerFULL and JW overlapping...I currently am. People also seem to like to overlap JW and BAM, so maybe check out the logs in the Supplement Review forum for some ideas.

    Have fun.

    Oh by the way, are you only running one bottle of each? I'm just asking because it seems like most people (myself included) get the best results out of JW when they run it for two bottles in a row. The other two should be fine with one bottle of each.

  3. Thanks man, I might do another bottle of JW, have to check the bank first haha.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by machwon04 View Post
    Thanks man, I might do another bottle of JW, have to check the bank first haha.
    haha yeah that's usually a limiting factor. Also, another bottle of JW will change up the timing of how long you will run this stack and when you want to add things in. Just something to think about.

    If you can't afford to go with two bottles, you'll still be running a pretty mean stack.

  5. Glad you asked this question...I was going to run JW/BAM/AP but couldn't resist the temptation of the new PowerFULL either. The PF GH factor should create a mean environment for the BAM to blow up.

    Bump...for ideas on running this stack.



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