1. glycerlean

    anyone think the desingers protein with the "glycerlean" complex is worth spending the extra money on? couldnt find any search just wondering since the store i go to charges an extra $10 for it.

    (i realize optimum and others are better protein buys, but i like designers)

  2. FishBonz
    FishBonz's Avatar

    don't waste your money

  3. I agree. If you want something thats slow releasing get yourself a nice protein blend with some casein in it and throw in some efas. Be good.
  4. FishBonz
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    I agree with TMack40!

    I didn't mean to be so blunt in my last post. Designer makes a descent product it's just that the Glycerlean isn't worth the extra cash. Optimum makes a PM protein called Pro Complex PM.

  5. thanks

    thanks guys.

    no fishbonz, i didnt take your response negatively about designers, thanks for the input.


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