MassFx/Hyperdrol/AP/Retain = goodness

  1. MassFx/Hyperdrol/AP/Retain = goodness

    i've been on this stack for about 10 days now. i was a bit skeptical the first week or so, based on the miracle results people are having with AP. Today's workout was unreal though and I can definately see some things starting to happen. I'm only up about 2 pounds so far, but I'll take about a pound a week or over the next 6 weeks or so. Strength has gone up nicely, and my workouts the past couple days have been astounding. Intense pump today too, starting to look like I did when I was on Phera, which says something.
    i'm also taking creatine mono with gatorade PW along with some good ol' EFA's and multi. I'm following more a bulking style diet, trying to keep the fats clean though, with a **** load of oatmeal, whole wheat starches of all sorts, chicken, salmon, x-lean beef and pork and of course protein powder.
    Its tough to say what the main culprit is as far as all of these good things happening, but I dont really care either haha. ZERO sides thus far, my well being seems to be up as well. Anyhoo, sorry for the ramble, I'll try to keep you guys updated as the rest of this goes, maybe every couple days or so, I just dont have the time right now to log here b/c of school. Hopefully things keep going the way they have been the last couple days, and I might have to extend the MassFx/HD for another 4 weeks.
    take care y'all.

  2. Good to see your having some early results. Can't wait to see what the next few weeks have in store for you.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  3. Great to see you liking it dude. Im on a similar stack myself right now, but Im on a recomp and its absolutely awesome.

  4. keep it up man!

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