Suggestions for me.. (new cycle)

  1. Suggestions for me.. (new cycle)

    Hey all whats up, well iv'e been lifting for about 3 years now seriously, and ive gone up drastically in weight and strength in these years. Recently iv'e hit a plateau that id like to overcome and want to do a cycle of oral anabolic supplements but dont know which one might be the best for me.. Here are my current stats

    185ish weight
    3+years of experience and a 5 day routine rotating body parts each week and ill probably go on a 5 x 5 while i go on a stack

    Well ive been reading some posts and see that the BAM cycle by arli is doing really good but then i see the mass fx and hyperdrol too and i want to know in your opinion what supplements should i use to try to get over my plateau that ive run into.. If the bam cycle can u list how to use it and what suppourting supplements to use with it.. thanks guys..

  2. BAM cycle = evo stack:

    ALR Industries, Size and Strength Stacks

    Anabolixc's ultimate stack:

    Anabolic Xtreme

    They are pretty much the same in terms of gains so far, according to reviews. I am on BAM right now, and love it so far.

  3. hey just play it safe for now and get up to 195-200lbs before you mess with hormones.there are so many ways to blast thru plateaus by training and eating.I know its very tempting to use "drugs" legal or not.try the 5x5 but only 2 or 3 days a week.stick with squats deadlifts power cleans presses and eat eat eat till food and protien shakes come out of your ears.then you can try other methods.look up info on arthur saxon,doug hepburn jon anderson or even bill starr. all the pro bbs got huge and strong from lifting before they used aas or ? to build up more. remember you cant fire a cannon from a canoe.

  4. I kind of agree - plus, I didn't catch your age and what kind of diet was part of your program. Get the body weight up more and the joints better prepared for the heavier weights challanges you will undertake during a cycle. Maxx FX and Hyperdrol together didn't agree with me. I have been real happy with MaxxFx with BAM (though they are like products they are synergistic collectively). I take Gespari's product in lieu of Hyperdrol for the AI benefits.
  5. im back

    i guess what im trying to say is that at 185 or ? and im just guessing that youre still fairly young,you con not have reached your genetic peak. i just turned 38 and . at 215 have not been able to grow for the last couple of years. at 36 i began to experiment w/prohormones and other stuff.i made a promise with myself to cycle once maybe twice a year only at the end of a bulk cycle.try the old 20 rep squat routine that guys have been using for years to get doesnt work as fast as roids or ? but the gains are more permanent and you wont get tits or tiny this until you stop growing and then use what you it safe there is more to life than just being huge man.peace!



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