sending international as gifts anyone?

  1. sending international as gifts anyone?

    Hallo! Im swedish and in this country it's almost impossible to get good supps or it's so expensive you can't buy them. So I normally order from tha states were price and number of choice is superior. The problem is that the swedish customs started to add big sums to every bloody order you make(up to 50$ each time).

    My question is if there is any company that can mark their package "gift" or "sample" or whatever or is that illegal? At least thats what you do on ebay all the time? This might be a weird stupid question but I might as well give it a shot!

    Dr ozz

  2. Leave it in the comments bit when you order something, say "please send as a gift with $15 value".

  3. I tried that at NP but they were not willing to do that I guess=(

  4. Really? I had mine sent as a gift but I had not mentioned anything about sending it low value. It did get sent with a reduced value of ~$150 though, although that didn't stop customs from slapping me with a 50GBP (~$90USD) charge.

    Maybe email them in advance asking next time?

  5. will do! Thanks!



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