Would it be ok to stack Diesel Test 2010 with IGF-2?

  1. Would it be ok to stack Diesel Test 2010 with IGF-2?


  2. Anyone know? Help please, if anyone has any knowledge of these two supplements.

  3. Safety wise, shouldn't be a problem, if I am remembering Diesel Test correctly. However, depending on your age, condition etc. it might just be a waste of one of the supplements.
    If you are going to stack, I would advise staggering the stack (Maybe 2 weeks Diesel Test, then add in the IGF-2, or vice versa.) This will allow you to see how the Diesel and/or IGF-2 Works, then how they work synergistically.

    I have a strong feeling the IGF-2 would be all you need to see some results.

  4. is igf-2 dhea related in any way?

  5. No. There's a full technical writeup and condensed writeup available at the AN website in my sig.
    Quick ingredient summary: IGF-2 is Safed Musli, Dodder Seed, Mucuna Pruriens, and Rhodiola Rosea.

  6. half of those are in diesel test.

  7. Sharp eye, Moose.
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    Sharp eye, Moose.

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