Postworkout BCAAs?

  1. Postworkout BCAAs?

    I am currently taking Excell BCAAs postworkout. Is it okay to mix it with my postworkout protein shake or should take them separately with some time in betweeen?

  2. feel free to consume your BCAA's pre, during and immediately post workout. then have your protein shake after.

  3. BCAAs can be taken at any time of the day. I mix about 30g in a gallon jug and slowly drink it throughout the day.

  4. According to ALR BCAA's are best consumed with a meal, any truth to this? It seems most people try to take there BCAA's away from meals.

  5. I take a scoop of Excell of while getting ready to go the gym and then take another with me to the gym. I also take them throughout the day.

    Alexander, I agree that many try to take them on an empty stomach, but I always assumed this was to help avoid catabolism without eating any extra calories...I have been looking into this a lot lately and would like to see what others have to say about eating and not eating with BCAAs.
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  6. I cant recall seeing anything about eating or not eating with them, unless something is cited Im going to go on thinking it doesnt matter.

    IMO the best procedure for BCAA's is, mix 4-5 scoops in a bottle, drink about 1/4 on the way to gym, sip 1/4 at gym (also drinking water at gym), upon getting home, at 50g WMS to the bottle, fill with water and drink it down.
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