Plant sterols

  1. Plant sterols

    Plant sterol esters and stanol are marketed as a great aid to lower cholesterol levels and it seems that there is fairly strong evidence to support this? However, can they have a negative impact on testosterone levels and muscle mass? Do they posess estrogenic activity? Do they inhibit DHT significantly? If you can link technical articles it would be great for the discussion.

  2. Just do a internet search on soy and testosterone. There is ton of stuff out there. Plant estrogens are the number one preventable cause of low testosterone in men. Mostly from Soy products.

  3. They work primarily by blocking dietary cholesterol absorption so I wouldn't expect the negative impacts that you're concerned about.

    Plant sterols and stanols – proven to lower cholesterol (EUFIC)

    Cholesterol-lowering supplements: Another way to reduce cholesterol -

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