EVO stack right after MASSFX?

  1. EVO stack right after MASSFX?

    I posted this in the ALRI section, but I thought it might get a few more replies here.

    Im currently doing a 4 week recomp with the following:
    MassFX (4caps)
    ReboundReloaded (2caps)
    Gaspari Thyrotabs (3caps)
    Camphibolic(6 caps)
    DCP (6caps)
    AnabolicPump (2-4 caps)
    Amp (4caps) or Xforce(2caps) preworkout

    Im planning on doing another 4weeks of recomp after that with the following:

    Jungle Warfare
    Anabolic Pump
    Lipoderm w/2gs of Rasberry Ketones

    1. Would there be any problem with doing the 2nd four weeks right after the first four?

    2. (I know its not your product but,) Do I need any kind of follow-up thyroid product since Ive been taking the thyrotabs?
    Like maybe a good guggul. product?

  2. Well, if I were you, I would take a few weeks off after the end of the first cycle, and yes, a PCT for the Thyro Tabs would be useful. I used Blaze, and everything went well. It's not necessary, but it's something I would definetly consider to finish off on the right foot.

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