Anyone use bAET?

  1. Anyone use bAET?

    I've toying with b-androstenetriol for its purported anti-cortisol effects. I was curious if anyone else used it, and if they noticed increased joint pain as a side-effect.

    It's basically the same thing that's in Retain (thought that has the methylated form).

  2. There was some people who started using it when Custom's began carring it. Haven't heard much about it recently though.

    B-Androstenetriol and 7-Hydroxy transdermal

    Bulk 17a-methyl-baET?
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  3. I've been using ALRI's Tri-lean system and Thyrogen-X(Special Tactics and T-X contain bAET ECPE) for about 5 weeks and I haven't experienced much joint pain that I would attribute to the 5AT. I have since started using USPLab's Supercissus Rx, however, which may be part of the reason. If there is really enough bAET in the stack to cause joint pain, I'm not sure, but overall I haven't noticed much.

  4. I had good results with cissus, but I haven't been taking it lately. I'll probably start up again if the pain persists. Just hope the problems are do to something I'm taking rather than me just getting old.

  5. Are you using bulk bAET or a product that has it in it? It makes no difference, just wondering.

  6. I made an anti-cort dermal for my last PCT (I think) w/ bAET in it (got it from Custom).
    I put 7-oxo/OH (whatever Custom has) with bAET and DHEA in Penetrate.

    I didn't have any joint issues. But - I did forget and leave a washer in it after I made it (mid-cycle or so) which rusted about 2 weeks into PCT. I was worried about absorbing too much iron - so I stopped the dermal (still have it actually - it's totally dark now).

  7. I have been taking Retain with great success while cutting last year. Next cut, I will be using it again for sure.

  8. I'm using the trans mix with baet. I'm glad I found this thread. I have joint pain, lower lumbar pain, etc... Damn, I thought I was just about over "the hill" for a minute.

  9. I believe Iron Legion should be coming out with a transdermal bAET soon. Something to keep an eye out for.
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