protien help

  1. protien help

    Hey every one .i have bought some bulk prtein and i was wondering if talking 5 shakes a day is a wast ? i don't have time to spend in the kitchen but i can take a shake for breakfast,break,lunch,break,su pper .I have started training for this coming year's football season . Any help would be great .I would also like some help with mass building.

    I work out 4-5 days a week.
    I,m 5'-10 220 lbs goal is 225 lbs semi cut
    by april ish give me all your feed back.


  2. Shakes are best used for Post Workout(Whey), the best way to gain mass is to eat whole foods as much as possible, run a search in the Nutrient forumn and you will find all the information you need. 5 shakes is too many.

  3. try to make food your primary source of protein(lean meat, chicken,turkey [insert another protein rich stuff here]) , you could also have a protein shake whit your breakfast and post work out, and you can get some in between foods if your temted to eat fast food or something like that

  4. if time is ur enemy try n spend sunday cooking all your meals for the week and throwing them in tupperware or vacuum seal em..

    time is not on my side either when the work week starts but on sunday's ima cookin king

  5. Very Good ideas so far!!
    Liquid diet is NOT going to help you or your goals!



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