M1,4ADD stack options???????

  1. M1,4ADD stack options???????

    I have some M1,4ADD and am looking for people that have stacked this with great results. The only stack that I've heard so far was with 1,4AD BOLD, but I've used that solo and wasn't impressed. A log would be great, but if anyone has some experience stacking this, I'd appreciate the info.Thanx

  2. Hello,

    The question you are asking might have been already answered in another thread.
    If you use the Search Function, you probably will get your answer quicker.


  3. Thanx, but I tried that. Every stack that I read about was with products I can no longer get my hands on. I should've specified that I wanted to stack with a more recent product, that's readily available.

  4. any non-methyl

  5. I stacked it with 4ad trans and pro(the nonmethyl winny). I was a little more bloated than I wanted but liked the results. again anything non methyl would work preferably something lean.



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