Fish oil dosage

  1. Question Fish oil dosage

    I currently have a bottle of Kirkland Natural Fish Oil, Each Soft gel contains Natural Fish oil 1000mg, EPA 180mg, and DHA 120mg.
    I weigh 275 and working on my weight loss goal of 225.
    How many should I take daily?

  2. Will depend on rest of your diet. Do you eat any oilly fish? Do you consume any other fat sources such as Flax?

  3. Fish oil dosage

    I consume fish once or twice a week from tuna. Salmon is usually eaten once monthly. I used to use flax daily, I plan to get back in that routine. Peanut butter, olive oils and red meats are eaten daily.

  4. I consume 1 tablespoon, which is about 10-12 grams I believe. I can't afford fish every day when compared to chicken so the fish oil liquid does the trick.

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