Looking for gaspari halodrol-50

  1. Looking for gaspari halodrol-50

    Not sure this is allowed- I know its allowed on alot of the boards im on as long as the product is legal wich it is- anyway im looking to buy some gaspari halodrol-50. i know about all the clones but I want the gaspari brand. and not the new stuff with the 60 caps- i want the old 30tab boxes- i know some forums have a classified section or a section where p[eople can swap- did not see one so I posted this here. anyway if someone has some extra boxes they bought and are not planning on using due to it being super toxic or whatever- please PM me- if price is fair ill buy alot! i also have some tradeables myself or will give cash for them- once again if this is not allowed im sorry or if this is posted in the wrong section-sorry- just thought it would be OK since the product is of legal nature- thanks!

  2. Would you not have read the rules if you were unsure?

    Wow. This one covers a couple offenses in one post. Proud of you.

    See you at the other boards.

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