1. anyone

    has anyone tried any HGH products that are sold legally and had any good gains from them.. saw on here they have a list of three top HGH products... didnt know if anyone knew about them... was wanting to stack it w a PP/superdrol cycle... heres the link..

    EDITED POST: For the love of God, please read the board rules. You've only been a member for 2 days and your threads keep getting edited and closed. In this instance, you posted a link to an outside product. This is prohibited.
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  2. I've been taking Humagro HGH for the past 2 weeks. Biggest change I've noticed was that my recovery time is a great deal quicker. I've seen slight increases in strength although I'm sure that it will take a little while longer for any true results to be noticed. Hope this helps.

  3. ok well i did not think posting an outside link that was already being posted on your site was a problem... if you all are going to have it posted i thought i could just show it to the rest of the people!

    EDIT: Because we aren't posting it, Google is.

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