need some input

  1. need some input

    I have been training since i was in the military and have not taken any sirouse supplements besides protien, creatine etc..(basic nutrition). Now that i ended my military service, i had tried one cycle of Testo Prim (approx. 9 weeks). i liked the pump that i got while i was on the cycle. however, i immidieatly lost the gain after three weeks off cycle.

    for me to have no idea how and where to start, i need all the information i can get in regards to taking my body to the next level. i am 29 years old 5-09 175 lbs tone.

    also i had been looking at the web page of House of Muscle and was wondering if that could be a good start for me......right now i sustained a dislocated shoulder while training and currently nursing it. im almost 100% and getting ready to train again and loose the fat that i gained while being injured. tx in advance

    Semper Fi

  2. I recommend checking out the archives over at There are a series of "Back to Basics" articles that are well written and informative.

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