Something else besides ECY

  1. Something else besides ECY

    What else can I use besides ECY to kindof the same effects. I like the focus and productiveness I get, but I the effects stop after 8 weeks and I stop for about 6 weeks. I don't want my CNS to be overwork either.

  2. but I the effects stop after 8 weeks and I stop for about 6 weeks.
    Are you looking to continue to take a stim for longer than 8 weeks? I'm sort of confused on what you're asking. 8 weeks is too damn long to begin with to run ecy and if you're asking for something to switch to for the 6 week downtime i highly rec. against it.

  3. I would suggest taking some extended time off from any stimulants. Supplement with L-tyrosine in order to fascilitate the replenishement of your catechlamine stores, as well. In the future, I'd suggest reading up on HEAT, or even the HEAT/AMP stack which very effective for mood boosting, studying and fat loss, in my experience and that of many others.

  4. No, I'm not looking for something to use in between ECY. I want something entirely different to use.

  5. venom, stimulant x, and spike are totally different kinds of energy products that i would recommend giving a try. also neurostim is great at getting your adrenal glands functioning properly again.



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