is it overkill ?PowerFull+CissusRX +ALRI venom tri lean system

  1. Question is it overkill ?PowerFull+CissusRX +ALRI venom tri lean system

    i dont know wtf happend with my order of Powerfull and CIssus RX but i just got the traking # and its getting to me on monday , i told a friend about the stack an he's intrested and wants me to order him 4 bottles (2PF+2CIss) and im thinkin on ardering 2 more bottles for me, and i saw ALRI Venom Tri-Lean System and i was thinking on including it in my order to stack it with PF and Ciss but im thinking that it could be an overkill , my question is it really an overkill, or should i just buy it and keepit on hand for when i finish my PF+CIssus? or any other comments or suggestions?

    Thanks in advanced

  2. Zombie,

    I am no genius or anything but I do not think it is overkill. Implementing all of those in a cutting cycle would be a very well thought out plan. PowerFULL will take care of your anabolic needs allowing for more retention of and maybe the addition of lean mass. Cissus is a great general health supp for your joints, tendons and ligaments as well as some antioxidant properties. The tri-lean system, from what I have read, is a multi-faceted approach to fat loss covering all the angles. The combo, setup correctly and most effectively, would be an awesome cut bro. I say go for it.

    Just my $0.04

  3. thanks for the advice, i was thinking that icould be overkill because of the staple supps that i take, multi vit, Flax, Glucosamine, sesamin and when i remmeber cAMP, also the creatine + the upcoming 9 pills of PF and 6 of Cissus that im thinking of thaking, but also was thinking that if i could up proteine inteake and my cals and get medium carbs and cut the fat plus the 15 minutes of cardio (im going up 5 minutes a week thil i reach 45 minutes)that i started to do after more than 6 months with out cardio and the ALRI lean system and add some thyrotabs i could get a nice cut.

  4. Yeah your staples are cool. I don't think you'll need the glucosamine anymore though if you are on works me on this!!!!

    Your plan is definitely sound stick to it and you won't have a choice but to see results.

    The thyrotabs I don't know about though because I don't use such supplements.

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