finally decided to join the Powerfull + Cissus Rx Bandwagon

  1. finally decided to join the Powerfull + Cissus Rx Bandwagon

    well since i started lifting again idecided i need something more to help me out, i have read several good reviews about pf and cissus so i ordered 2 blts of each to give it a try

  2. okay.

    you have 2 bottles so you can overdose them after a week or so to see how you respond to it. I recommend starting with 6 of each, each day. Then after up the dose to maybe 10 each.

  3. thanks for the advice, i was thinkin on starting at 8 a day, then work out my way up to see what dose works for me. but i can start at 6.

  4. yeah definitely look at your doses. Therapeutic dose of Cissus is like 4-6 caps per day and 10-16 caps per day for "anabolic" effects. As for PowerFULL, it is size dependent so check out the thread in the Synergy Muscle section for the doses by weight.

    Welcome aboard!!!! You are in for one H*LL of a "growth trip"

  5. cissus is great, good pumps and joints feel good

  6. You'll enjoy them Zombie

  7. thanks everyone for their replys, im even more exited now im thinking off adding a bottle and 1/2 of cAMP that i have around somewere.

    Sup ziricote. long time no see

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Zombie
    Sup ziricote. long time no see
    Indeed, I'm just about to start a PowerFULL/CissusRX/cAMPH stack myself. Can't wait for the "You look bigger than normal"* comments

    *Because of the Cissus pump.

  9. thats good to know. i was reading other thread of powrfull and cissus Do you Need to run PCT for Powerfull/Cissus Stack?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodja
    It doesn't need post cycle therapy, but if you want to amplify effects and reduce estrogen, then you can use Rebound Reloaded or ATD with the Cissus/Pfull.
    i remmeber that i have an open bottle of RR . Are you going to make a log Ziricote?

  10. Not this time, I've got a stash that I'll be logging later on though.

  11. i just received my Supps , but i al ready ate and i cant take the pF and cissus with food, stupid UPS guy he should goten here early


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