Please critique PFull/ Reloaded Cycle

  1. Question Please critique PFull/ Reloaded Cycle

    Will soon be coming off long layoff due to injuries, hopefully this will be a nice kick in the ass.

    ~205 lbs, 6 ft, 10%, 22 years old

    Days 1 - 45 - 2 caps ed
    Low dosed this because it seems to be optimal dose for most people, feel that I have fairly low estrogen to begin with.

    Week 1 & 2 - 8 caps ed
    Week 3 & 4 - 9 caps ed
    Remainder (~17 days)- 10 caps ed
    Powerfull seems to need to be gradually increased to remain effective. 8 - 10 caps is the amount layed out by [email protected]

    Although Ive never used PHs, this stack seems to be pretty comparable in potency, so I feel as if this protocol would call for some support supplements.
    I would like to err on the side of caution, anyone have thoughts on this?

    Also, any feelings on how to come off this. Perhaps change the scheduling around so I have some extra caps of PFull left over and titrate down for a week or two. Im open to ideas.

    Thanks guys.

  2. i would start the rebound at one cap a day for the first week.

  3. I run PowerFULL all the time and to me it is just as effective at the same dose throughout or increasing the dosage week to week. In my opinion, it does not lose effectiveness like that.

    Your stack looks good though, and I would taper off of the RR at the end of your stack.

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