Extract vs regular powder?

  1. Extract vs regular powder?

    Hey guys,

    I want to get some fenugreek but was wondering if it's better to take an extract instead of plain powder? The extract is 1:4 and seems the better choice because in most cases they taste good and there's also much less to take (I never cap my stuff).

    I'm no professional when it comes to extracting but i've always thought that many of the useful components get's lost in the extraction process, only to end up with the most potent ones in the residu since that's the purpose. I don't know what all the working components of fenugreek are but i'm going for the saponins for boosting test and also for that supposed to be "increase in shooting elmer's glue"
    Could it be that some of these components are present in plain powder but missing in the extract?

    I found the extract here. I've dealt with them before. As you can see there's not much about the product description but I guess they wouldn't expect a person like me to go this deep about some product. For your herbal needs I can really recommend them. Excellent service and quality products but then again, only for your herbal needs if your interested

    Thanks in advance!

  2. It is possible, and obviously you are going to lose some of the actice component - but you will have to take MUCH more powdered herb than extract (in the case of a 4:1, 4 times as much)
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