Boosting Endurance (an old BioMan thread)

  1. Boosting Endurance (an old BioMan thread)

    After finally hitting the goal of 200 pounds, I can now focus on improving all-around athletic ability instead of just strength and size. First on the list is improving cardio endurance. The goal: running 3 miles in 21 minutes. I have the running program down, I was just looking over some supplements that might make the process go faster (instant gratification, right?). I ran across an old post by BioMan that suggested injectable b-12 along with iron, citrulline malate, forslean, and rhodiola rosea. I've found the recommended dosage for rhodiola rosea in relation to endurance training, but I have not been able to find the recommended dosages for the others in dosages that would be beneficial for cardio endurance. I was wondering if someone had those handy or if BioMan wanted to chime in.
    And just to give you an idea of the poor shape that I'm in: I can jog for an hour, but my heart rate stays in the 170-180 range and I want to be able to jog for that hour with my heart rate between 130 and 150. The problem is if I jog any slower I'd be walking. In fact, I had this unfortunate experience the other day where I was out jogging and I was briefly pacing this old woman who was power walking. Luckily, I was able to slowly pull away, but I hope you see my point.

  2. Slowly pull away...

    Anyway, I had great endurance increases on Anagen, which may due to the RR. Good choice.

    But for sure CM is the king of endurance supps. Look, you can feel 1gr pre-workout. It's that good. I recommend taking at least 3gr for best results. Most studies used 3gr twice a day, and if you can afford it, do it, it's fantastic. But so is 3gr pre-workout. You'll feel Ethiopian. (that's a good thing)

    Also check out cordyceps for endurance, and don't ignore carbs. If you're on a super low carb diet, the runs will kill your weight training. And start slow and work up to avoid injury.

  3. Cordyceps is pretty nice.

    I would not use iron unless you are anemic or deficient in some way.

    1-3 gram of CM is good as Poison pointed out..more if you can afford it. Anagen is a decent product for the Rhodiola and ecdy. Stacked with cAMPHIbolic and you'll be doing pretty well. USP's Powerfull also adds some decent endurance in my experience.

    Endurance takes time to build just like muscle. You may want to look into various traiing techniques like intervals and others to raise your VOmax, however at this stage you are merely trying to get the ole heart/lungs and legs to get some stamina.

    Once you are getting better with endurance, the real challenge becomes balancing that with retaining your muscle.

  4. Cordyceps is a great addition to any endurance program. I am running a log on it on another board and am having good results with it. However, I feel that it exerts a greater effect when combined with Citrulline Malate.

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