Whats my next cycle?

  1. Whats my next cycle?

    Going the 'ol poisonous oral route again. Last cycle was PP at 10/20/20/20. I felt like a monster on it, love it. PCT ended the first of July. I would like to start this next cycle for somewhere in Sept. Do you think that is enough time off? And if so what should I do for my next cycle?
    My options:

    Or is there something better out that I should be looking into?

    P.S. will be getting bloodwork before this cycle starts

  2. Most people recommend 3 months so yeah thats about right. How much did you gain off PP?

  3. I understand that Orastan-E (higher dose)+PP is a great combo. search poopypants's posts. He had a great log.
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  4. I would like a bit of a cleaner PP. I loved it, but that would make it great. Stick to 4 weeks, yeah? Thats the way I'd prefer.

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