Opinions on Supplement Stack to Review

  1. Opinions on Supplement Stack to Review

    Well after watching some very impressive logs in the review section some new supplements have me intrigued and wanting to start my own "cycle" accompanied by a supplement review.

    Anyway I was running some possible stacks and I wanted your thoughts/opinions on which you would want to see and also think would be most effective (without overkill)

    Heres the options I was running in my head as possibilities (a creatine will be a staple in all stacks and I have half a tub of CVM xtreme left so I will be going with this, and when it runs out will either hold of on creatine or go with Chaos..

    1) CVM Xtreme and Powerfull on a 2 month run

    2) CVM Xtreme, Powerfull, and Cissus RX (sale at nutraplanet of Cissus and powerfull together so what the hell!)

    3) CVM Xtreme, Powerfull, and Jungle Warfare.

    4) CVM Xtreme, Jungle Warfare

    5) CVM Xtreme, Superdrol, IGF-1, HGH... I think this would work quite well ha

    so I was thinking these were some quality supps to run a log on but wanted your thoughts on these options or ones of your own. So which of the first 3 options would you suggest?

    I have alot of time to decide as I want to go 1.5-2.5 months of just eating like a horse and lifting before running anything but definitely want to try something in the future.

    any comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

    (staples of every stack will also be a rediculouse diet, BCAAs, protein isolate, and select vitamins and minerals.)
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  2. I'd vote for number 3. I've utilized powerfull and cissus, alongside MAN Clout with great success during a cut (just finishing up my last few weeks now) and saw nice results, gaining a little lean mass and losing a pile of fat. However, I think that the added hormonal enhancement from the Jungle Warfare alongside Powerfull should be an insane stack. Strength gains should be borderline ridiculous, alongside massive pumps, great sleep, huge libido, etc. My only qualm with you running that stack is the fact that you haven't run either Powerfull or Jungle Warfare before, and that would make it impossible to gauge what product is doing what.

    Something that might work nicely is to pick either Powerfull or Jungle Warfare to run for the first month alongside your creatine product of choice, and add in the second supplement once you enter the second month.

  3. Yea I knew I forgot an option, I added in CVM with Jungle Warfare solo. I see your point on douleing the products and not being able to judge which is doing what and this would put a dampner on future choice making.

    But as you said the coupling of the two is very appeling or potentially a huge waste of money

  4. 2 or 3, either will do nicely I think. 2 might be easier to review I think.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by OCCFan023
    But as you said the coupling of the two is very appeling or potentially a huge waste of money
    I don't think there's a huge risk of wasting your money if combining the two, if your training and diet are in line there should be little reason not to see great results from that stack. I'm just thinking more towards knowing which supplement worked for you. Knowing that you can then gauge whether or not it's worth investing your money on it down the road. If you combine both straight away, and see great results, you have no way of knowing if one supplement is providing all the results and another is just along for the ride.

  6. 2) But double dose the PFull w/ the CVM. Should be a very interesting natural stack.

  7. thats an interesting idea Mullet never thought about dd.

    So far I have narrowed it down to the Powerfull with CVM and powerfull being double dosed (dont see the benefit of the cissus right now but will think about it)


    the CVM, Powerful, and the JW.

    Ill decide in the upcomming weeks and then run a log in the review section.

    decisions, decisions

    thanks for the input fellas much appreciated

  8. Hmmmm, Well when your ready to play with the big boys let me know LOL

  9. hopefully in beggining of September

  10. id like to see number 2 or number 3 as well...


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