Usnic Acid... other names?

  1. Usnic Acid... other names?

    Anyone out there know whether Usnic Acid is used in supplements under other names?

    I've recently heard a few negative things about it, and want to make sure I know what other ingredients need to be avoided. Searches aren't helping me clear up this specific question. Thanks all!

  2. it comes in a salted form, sodium usniate. it is far more potent in this form. as to it being dangerous I doubt that it is any more dangerous then most of the other things floating around here. the big side seams to be liver stress.

  3. Thanks Skye.
    Any idea whether it is related to TTA in any way?

    I am noticing SAN Blaze Extreme contains Undecylthioacetic Acid but says it has TTA.
    Other TTA products cite Tetradecylthioacetic acid as TTA.

    A question arose among friends here whether the SAN formula could be related to Usnic Acid at all....

  4. Tetradecylthioacetic acid is TTA. as to Undecylthioacetic Acid being related I don't know but I doubt it judging from the name. I think that is just a differnt chemical name for the same thing. (like calling water dihydrogen monoxide)

  5. I see. Thanks for your help on this!



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