phera plex

  1. phera plex

    1) is this stuff going to be banned...?

    2) what's the verdict on the best thing to stack this with, I've been reading various thread and most seem to not stack it or a few have used superdrol as there anything that is a good stack to enhance gains?

  2. Not sure about when or if it will be banned but AX has stopped production on PP so it will only be around for a short time longer. Look around at some supplement web sites and you will find some.

    As far as stacking, you're right, most either take it stand alone or stack with superdrol such as the following:

    Week 1: PP 20mg
    Week 2: PP 30mg
    Week 3: PP 20mg/superdrol 10mg
    Week 4: SD 20mg
    Week 5: SD 20mg

    There are variations but you should run SD no longer than 3 weeks because the compound wreaks havoc on your lipids and gains drop off after the first three weeks anyways.

    Remember to do a good post cycle therapy and take some time off between cycles. Bloodwork before and after is also recommended. Be safe.

  3. Why has AX stopped production of this product?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by FitModel
    Why has AX stopped production of this product?
    Because the Food and Drug Administration issued warning letters earlier this year to a number of companies warning them that their muscle building products were not in fact "supplements" as defined under the law but were in fact "drugs" that are illegal to sell without prior FDA approval. Many companies moved to put some distance between themselves and such questionable products before the FDA could take further action (asset seizure, arrest, etc.).

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