My new stack... please critique :)

  1. My new stack... please critique :)

    Hi, well, a member from the boards mentioned this forum to me, so I just thought I'd say hello to everyone! well, hello... lol anyways, baseball season is almost over for me, and I'll be a senior in high school this year (yay for that)! I have some goals I'd like to accomplish over the offseason-gain weight! As a pitcher, size matters, and at 5'10, 132, I'm not very intimidating, not to mention I'll never reach 85 plus at this weight. I can, how ever, throw around 80-due to my mechanics, and the condition I'm in.

    Well, enough about that, anyways, here's what I'm planning on supplementing this year.

    Age 17: I'll be working again in a little bit to pay for some of these.


    Sumo Deads: 245x4, 245x3
    Squat: 225x8 parallel, I now squat Atg, so it's no longer 225. I've been doing 205x5
    Bench: don't bench.

    Lactose Intolerant


    Ergopharm Gf Pro Cherry-love this stuff by the way! My favorite protein so far...
    Primaforce Substance WPI grape/chocolate malt-have
    Xtreme formulations Ultra Peptide-have
    Anabolic Innovations Fruit punch WPI-Any feed back on this!

    Creatine: Man stack: Man clout/Man body octane

    Antioxidant: DS vigor/scivation noxidant

    Fish Oil: NOW super epa-have

    Green Tea: Primaforce Lean green

    Cissus Rx: love this stuff-helped me heal two groin pulls at the beginning of the baseball season, and increases my recovery time after I pitch. Customer for life!

    Powerfull: Hmm, I'm 17, and have 2 bottles of this-purchased it when the combo sale was going on. I may try it out, or I may wait, but I do know what users have reported when stacking it with creatine.

    NOW ginger root-have

    BCAA: I've been using Grape Xtend and loving it, but anabolic innovations Excell sort of entices me. I just heard about this company, but from the feedback I've been hearing about them, they seem like a great company.

    Excell tropical punch

    Bulk Citruline Malate: Bulk Leucine

    Controlled labs Blackhole: Still debating on this-waiting for more feed back on this supplement.

    I haven't had cookies in a lonnnnng time, but I will be ordering
    anabolic innovations cookie mix-hopefully these are good.

    I enjoy eating clean, and have been eating this way for a while.
    Umm, well, that's about it.

    This and a good diet should produce good gains, so I'm quite excited for the upcoming off season.

    I'll be doing a log of my training once baseball is over.

    Also, Anabolic Innovations: do you offer sample packs on any of your Whey Protein Isolates? I would like to try the punch flavored one. If it tastes good, I'll probably buy a 10 lb tub of it, and mix a scoop of it with excell during my workouts. If not, no worries...

  2. To be honest with you, you really don't need all that, especially at 17! Here is what I would do if I was 17 again.
    Real Food Protienx1.5bw
    Whey post w/o
    Creatine (maybe)
    Multi and Fish oils
    Cissus (only as needed for joint pain)
    The cookies are good BTW (I don't consider them a supp but a must)

    Solid diet and W/O you'll grow, don't overuse supps now or you'll be less receptive to them when you'll need 'em later on in life!


  3. Hmm, well, this will kind of be my diet-food wise- once baseball is over, and I start my training.

    Morning: 1 cup of oatmeal-sprinkle ground cinnamon on top
    Shake: 10oz of lactate milk, 1 banana, 1 scoop cholote wpi, 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter. 2 fish oil

    Meal 2: 6 oz chicken breast, 1/2-1 cup of fresh spinach, 1/2 cup oatmeal, ground cinnamon, 8-12 oz of milk. 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, mega men Multi, ginger root

    Meal 3: Same as Meal 2: 2 fish oil

    Meal 4:1 scoop Cherry WPI, Bulk Leucine, 1/2 cup of oats, 8 oz of milk

    Meal 5: Barilla Plus spaghetti, homemade pasta with ground beef, 1/2 scoop of cherry wpi, 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. 2 fish oil, Multi, milk

    Meal 6: 1 scoop xtreme formulations ultra peptide, 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter, 8 oz of milk.

    Diet is in progress, will see what happens when school starts up. I'll have mrp at school. Probably shakes to have in class. That's one of the reasons why I've chosen certain supplements-to help me out when I train. This is going to be the most important off season of my life, and I need to be able to put on as much weight as I can going into baseball. The only thing that prevents me from hitting upper 80's is weight, and that's something I need to fix over this next winter.

    But yeah, I agree with you on the too many supplements part. I'll change some things, but I like cissus rx, especially as a pitcher. So that's sort of a staple for me now.

    I hate tuna and cottage cheese, and there's no way I can eat that everyday. Because then, tuna could be a valuable option when school starts up, but there's no way I'm touching that stuff, now way! lol...

    Basically here are the foods I primarily eat every 2-3 hours.

    lactose free milk
    Chicken Breast
    Whole Wheat bread
    Skippy Natural Penut Butter
    Smart balance spread
    Wholewheat english muffins
    Whole Wheat French Toast
    Extra Virgin olive oil
    low sodium v8 vegetable juice
    and well, some other stuff. You probably know...
    Like almonds and things like that to snack on during the day.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Basso
    To be honest with you, you really don't need all that, especially at 17! Here is what I would do if I was 17 again.
    Real Food Protienx1.5bw
    Whey post w/o
    Creatine (maybe)
    Multi and Fish oils
    Cissus (only as needed for joint pain)
    The cookies are good BTW (I don't consider them a supp but a must)

    Solid diet and W/O you'll grow, don't overuse supps now or you'll be less receptive to them when you'll need 'em later on in life!

    Yup, the first thing I thought was "what is he going to do with all that whey?? "
    Basically, keep it simple. Diet>Sleep>Workout>Supplement, how's your diet? How much do you sleep? What's your current workout regime?
    btw, PowerFULL will probably not do much at your age, I could be wrong but that's what I think.

  5. Yeah, I know about the powerfull, that's why I may not use it this year, and maybe wait till I'm 18, but even then... I'll see what happens with that. From what I've read, it'll probably work better for older people. like 20 and over, or 30 and over. I may be wrong though. But I'll take your guys advice.

    Haha, the whey, I like variety- I used to just use on whey, but being lactose intolerant, I didn't respond very well to that, so now I'm using wpi's. They last quite a while with me, so that's a plus.

    I was using primaforce Substance wpi grape with xtend grape during my workouts. That's the only time I use the grape protein. Well, I'm sort of just been maintaing during baseball season.

    I don't like to feel stiff on the mound, so I only workout about once a week, and I have a sprinting workout, too that I do.

    But here's what I may be doing at the beginning of this off season. It depends though, I know a strength trainer online from one of my pitching forums who's coached, I think 4-5 first rounders from 04-05. So I may order a program from him. I'm not sure yet, but here's what I have so far.

    I won't be throwing for a while after baseball. So a bodybuilding type routine won't effect me when I start throwing again. Since I'll be doing something different by that time.

    Work in progress. I'm still tweaking it, and changing some things. I've had success with a 3 day split before, and after this I may go to a upper, lower, upper, lower type split, or try a routine I saw on tnation.

    I sleep 6-8 hours each night.



    Dumbbell Single Leg bench Squat: 4x6
    Sumo Deads: 5x5
    Barbell Rows: 3x6-8
    Seating Rows: 3x8
    Hammer Chins: 3x failure
    Rotator Cuff

    Tuesday: off


    Stability Ball Dumbbell press: 4x8
    Dumbbell Incline press: 4x8
    Chest dips: 4x10 bodyweight
    Overhead Tricep Extensions: 3x8
    Tricep Pulldowns: 3x8
    Rotator Cuff

    Thursday: off


    Back Squats: 5x5
    Walking Lunges:3x8 (may switch it up and do crossover lunges, too).
    Glute Ham raises: 3x8
    Barbell Front Squats:3x8
    Calf Machine
    Rotator Cuff

    Saturday: Off


    Sprint Work on tread mill (maybe, I have to see how I respond to the workout first).

    Monday: Repeat: Deadlift every other 2 weeks.

    Single Leg Bench Squat: 4x6
    Good Mornings:3x8
    Barbell Rows: 3x6-8
    Seating Rows: 3x8
    Hammer Chins: 3xfailure
    Push ups
    Rotator cuff

    I will also be utilizing Captains of Crush grippers into my routine. Mondays:wed:fridays:

    Rotator Cuff: internal rotation: Thera bands:
    External, 5lb weights.

    Hammer chins put less stress on my shoulders, that's why I do them instead.

    Should I add anything, or take out anything? I'm thinking of eventually doing a 4 day split, but for right now, I'd like to do something like this.

    I can do weighted dips, but as a pitcher, they're not recommended. I may still do them though, since I didn't have any problems performing then last off season. Although, I only did them for about 3 weeks. But If I'm not throwing, and I'm careful with the amount of weight I add, I should be fine.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by lbarber
    Hi, I just found out about your company on the forum, and
    from my reading, you seem to be a well respected company. If you wouldn't
    mind responding to my post, I'd appreciate it. If not, no worries... I'll
    just ask here...

    As far as samples go, do you offer any? Excell seems like a great
    product-I've been using grape Xtend, but tropical punch has recieved great
    feeback, so I will be ordering that in the near future. Anyways, what I
    would like to do is mix a scoop of Punch WPI in with my excell during my
    workouts. But, I'm not excactly sure if I want to lay down 40 dollars on a
    product I may not like. If you wouldn't mind sending me a sample package of
    it containing 1 serving, I'd really appreciate it! But if you can't,
    don't worry about it. My opinion of your company won't change, and I'll be
    ordering my first products from you very shortly. Look forward to trying
    excell and the cookie mix! Thank you,.
    P.S. Do you ship to Alaska by any chance?
    Hello Barber,

    Thank you for your post and your interest in Excell.

    We certainly DO ship to Alaska. We ship any where in the world and are very happy to do so. For Alaska we use priority Mail Flate Rate Boxes with delivery confirmation, this keeps the cost down very low even though it is traveling a great distance.

    As far as a samples we actually offer samples right on the website, you choose 3 different items such as Excell Punch, Whey protein Peanut Butter/chocolate flavor and whey isolate Mocha. We send you those 3 plus a sample of our healthy cookie mix AND a discount code for 10% off. We also refund your $5 for the samples.

    You can go here and look on the right hands side.

    Whey Protein Isolate Concentrate Powder Bodybuilding Anabolic Innovations EXCELL Cookies optimum, diet, supplements, bodybuilders, nutrition, athletes - Home

    Thank you again

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade


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