1. Yohimbine

    I was wondering a few things about yohimbine. First are there any new studies that show that it definetly helps with fatloss? Everywhere I look most people seem to say it does, but without scientific backup. Also, I have been told that an ECA stack will make losing fat in the stubborn areas harder to lose due to stimulating alpha-2 receptors. So would someone who is using an ECA stack WITHOUT adding yohimbine be able to get down to say 5-6% bodyfat?

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. You could get down to 5 or 6% w/o either. I got down to near 6% using ECA. I'm fairly certain ECA causes mostly beta-2 stimulation also...(thats why its used as a decongestant and for asthma).


  3. I am curious as to what brand ECA you used and dosage/times per day?

  4. I used xenadrine...2 caps first thing in the morning w/a glass of water 30 minutes before I ate or 30 minutes before cardio (3x a week for 40-50 minutes) and then 2 caps 30 minutes before my third meal (I eat 6x a day, every 3 hours...)


  5. thanks Jay



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