Kre-Alkalyn (Sci Fit) & Mega-Zol- awesome results

  1. Kre-Alkalyn (Sci Fit) & Mega-Zol- awesome results

    ok i work out like normal with the creatine which creates some bloat or puff look so i end my workouts with mega zol and in between workouts i get really sweaty and really shed alot of water after my workouts the bloat is gone ....lovin this **** especially after comming off my superdrol cycle.....gonna add some hmb and some egg protein inbetween workouts see what happens for awhile....

  2. okay, I'm not quite sure what your trying to say, but do you know what mega-zol is? How long have you are you planning to use it, because it seems like your using zol to get rid of bloat?

  3. i know what mega-zol is its a wintrol derivative compound to harden up the muscle....thats exactly what i'm going at i get extreme sweats when i take it and it sucks me dry ....

  4. okay, good, it just seemed from your post that you were classifying it on the same level as kre-alk, hmb and egg protein.

  5. jajaja....thats funny, no i was saying that is was helping me eliminate the bloat (water retention) that the creatine was creating ....



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