Daily support supplements. Please review!

  1. Daily support supplements. Please review!

    For an upcoming test/tren cycle (transdermal) i am planning to take (and preload) the following support supplements. How is my stack and numbers?

    Milk Thistle: 1000mg
    Hawthorn Berry: 1100mg
    saw palmetto: 2000mg
    ryr (red yeats rice): 1200mg
    coQ10: 60mg
    omega 3: 3000mg
    muti vitamin

  2. Have a look at anabolic innovations forum, they have cycle support supplement that gives everything in one supplement. Just an idea.

  3. Your stack looks fine, but this was definitely simplified by AI's cycle support. So if you havent already bought all of that, def. get some cycle support. just got mine.

  4. Wow! I didnt even know they had that! Thats so slick! I already have all my stuff purchased but next time i'm definiteley going with AI. Thanks guys!

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