supp. stack

  1. supp. stack

    I have been lifting for about half a year, and I haven't been taking any supplements besides hydroxycut and whey protein. I have been eating "clean"-er easing myself into my routine. Now I would like to put on more muscle, I just wanted some advice/recommendations for a good stack to help aid the process.

  2. What exactly are you hoping to achieve?

  3. I would like to put on mass....alot of it

  4. x-factor has had some positive feedback, powerful, among others. If you want to see results from stacks check out the supp log forum it will answer alot of your questions and give you some good ideas on what you may want to try.

    You mentioned you were starting to get your diet in check, from the sounds of it its not totally nailed in yet. Supplements are supplementing a solid diet so if theres a weak chain (in your diet) the supplements will be pointless. Just wanted to throw that out.

  5. Why are you taking hydroxycut while trying to put on alot of mass. Were you fat (22-30% bf) when you started? If not, then drop that. You have to understand that to put on mass, you will likely gain a little body fat. To keep that minimal you must eat clean on a regular basis. Try some creatine, continue the protien and get your diet in check and you have no choice but to get bigger.



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