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  1. Originally posted by RippedUp

    If you don't find that email I posted above interesting, and worthy of being posted, then this is quite disappointing.. But that's just me.

    well, it's not that it's uninteresting, but if you yourself said you'd take it with a grain of salt... and you're the one that talked to him... then what should I think when I don't even know the full extent of the conversation or more importantly who the spokesperson even was, and am allowed only a brief excerpt? take it with a 40lb bag of Morton I suppose. anyway, enough of my attitude, I'll stop ridin yer nuts bro

  2. Originally posted by Biggin
    take it with a 40lb bag of Morton

    As for Ultimate Nutrition...I've used their enzymes in the past, and they were very high quality. That's the only product from them that I've used, so I can't really comment on their HMB and CLA which you were interested in wojo. On a side note, their main office is 20 minutes away from my house.

    As for this whole purity conversation, I agree with bobo, weave and biggin. Virtually nothing is 100% pure. It's a sick and sad world, but hey, if u don't like it, I'm sure you can always hop a space shuttle to another planet with a quality control system better than ours.

  3. ok fellas i appreciate all ur help ..gonna go for it and see what happens

  4. Nelson
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    Originally posted by RippedUp
    Each and every batch gets tested befoe it is shipped out. If it doesn't meet claim - it is destroyed - period. As I have explained many times - a compnay this size MUST adhere to label claim as they are in the face of the regulatory agencies (due to size) and they have a huge budget that is spent each year on a QA/QC program to insure the quality of the product. i]
    I find it hard to believe that any company would test EVERY batch before shipping it out. Sure it`s feasible to test every batch, but it`s also a very time consuming & costly measure to implement. If this were the case, we would be paying even more for the product than we are now.

  5. Here's to illustrate my point in this thread.

    (The company in question is not Ultimate Nut.)

  6. I use ultimate nutrition's whey concentrate, which is among the cheapest. I feel I get my money's worth... That is, unless I compare with proteincustomizer's prices, but that's mail-order and Ultimate is from a store, so let's not go there.

    I had a 300g creatine jar come with my last 5-lb whey. It seems OK. It increased my lifts and bodyweight as creatine is supposed to.

    As for the products wojo's asking about, well I don't know... But I get the impression his money isn't wholly thrown away...

  7. Very interesting thread. I am concerned about contamination, although perhaps not to the same extent as RippedUp. I believe dsade put it well that this could be like the "peanut contamination" labels we have all been seeing lately. It would seem the seriousness of this problem depends on the extent that you are concerned about tiny amounts of prohormone contamination (assuming that is the only contamination, which may not be the case).


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