stretchmark cream?

  1. stretchmark cream?

    does anyone know of a cream that will really help get rid of them faster. my wife just had our first child is really self conscience about the few she got. i've seen plenty advertised, but don't know if they are legit.

  2. not really. don't believe there's much you can do unfortunately... you could try Mederma (I believe that's the spelling), marketed specifically as scar tissue cream, or cocoa butter, vit e oil... that's about it really

  3. emu oil is supposed to be good also.. but I can't personally say for sure.. need to get some for the ole scar tissue on the shoulder area

  4. I've used the regulars: vitamin E and cocoa butter. Search by posts from SirSavageX or PM him, he knew about one of the supposed "new fangled" creams I think the key is just keeping the skin as elastic as possible, so try cocoa butter 2x daily.

  5. I use good ole cocoa butter w/vitamin e and aloe added...although the vitamin e probably is worthless since the body metabolizes it before it is used in skin so rubbing a bunch on your skin really doesn't do crap...and furthermore most people have cutaneous alergies to vitamin e which may actually increase scarring, still the wive's tales survive...


  6. Those creams are to be used before scar tissue appears, if the scar is already there, forget about using those creams to try and heal it , it won't period. But for example if your girl is pregnant, you might want to give it to her for 9 months 2 x's daily so she can't keep the skin elastic, my 2cents.

  7. some of those creams are made specifically for preventing and already have stretch marks. hints the 10 pictures they show of before/after pics of people w/ stretch marks and their success with their creams. some come with guarantees to help clean up the marks, and if it doesnt work ... send it back and get ya money back. if it works, send it back and get ya money back

  8. i used mederma, it got rid of the redness in my stretch marks and it got rid of my really really small ones close to the top, but the deep ones are still there. I used it for 5 months or so, noticed improvement until month 3 or so, then nothin. it's relatively cheap if u buy online. Goodluck!

  9. I have a swiss cream (sounds fancy, but it was actually $5 from BJs) that has aloe, vitamin E, and vitamin has helped tremendously with my stretchmarks. I'll get you the brand name if you want it...

  10. I heard that the mederma stuff is good. Also as for the Vitamin E advice I was watching a program on what products are worthless. It debunked a lot of crap that's on the market, but anyway it said that there has never been a study done that proved vitamins are worth anything unless ingested? hmmm makes ya think


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