My Supplement Stack!

  1. My Supplement Stack!

    Alright, some info on me. I dont respond to mono creatine so Im going to try CEE in this stack. My overall goal is to gain mass. I have decided not to take any anabolics or harmones because the damage or risk is too much. I have hit a plateau flectuationg between 180 and 190 lbs. I weighed 120 when I started 3 yrs ago.

    Heres the stack I am planning to take. Please comment on if it should be changed//fixed. Thanks.

    -ADAM Superior Men Multivitamin
    -Super Antioxidants
    -Arginine E2 Matrix

    seems sizeon is all hype so I decided not to waste the money on it.


  2. You seem to have the basics down. How do you plan on dosing the Xtend?

  3. Btw, I've never taken a BCAA source except whats in my protein so its going to be totally new to me.

    I plan on doing the Xtend by mixing 4 servings in a gallon jug and start drinking it about 30 minutes prior to workout and finish it during my workout. Since I usually do my workout in the morning, I might take 1 serving later in the evening.

    That stuff + High cal, high protein, high carb diet... is there anything else I should add? I was thinking about the Anagen stuff but it seems too much of a hype to me.

    But yeah, is there a better way to take the Xtend?


  4. Anagen can wait.
    Just make sure your carb sources are high quality.
    As for the dosing of Xtend, that seems like a good idea. I think you would be better off with cottage cheese at night instead of another serving of Xtend. Something that is slow digesting will be best. (Casein protein)

    Are you taking any other supplements?

  5. never thought of cottage cheese lol.

    Currently, I am taking mono creatine which is seriously doing absolutely nothing, vitamin c tablets, prolab glutamine, and ON 100% why protein. Thats it.

    Im almost out of the glutamine now, I add a tbsp. to my shakes.
    Vitamin C tablets... got at dollar store, lol... I still got like 100 left.
    Protein, had 77 servings but its getting mighty low now.
    And for the creatine, its pretty gone now. I would take tbsp and a half before my workout... mixed with cranberry juice usually. And again, it did nothing. I even did the 5-day loading phase which still did nothing.

    Thats why Im hopingi the CEE will work better. If I can just hit 200 by August, I'd be extremely happy. Im at 188 right now.


  6. First things first.
    You are going to hit 200 by August.

    As for the glutamine, don't bother buying more. In the amount that you are taking it, it won't show any benefits. Also, make sure you are getting your essential fatty acids. Take some fish oil or flax.

    Since you are done with creatine monohydrate, stop drinking juice. Don't need that sugar. Also, your post workout shake should be low GI. A serving of Anabolic Innovations Protein powder post workout would be perfect. They have many flavors to pick from too! Nothing wrong with what you are using now though.
    Vitamin C at the dollar store? Heck, why not!?

    I don't see you having any problems making it to 200lbs by August.

  7. What does your diet look like, just curious. All the things you use are good things, some I dont think are really needed for the basics, but nothing in there is bad. If you have your calories high and from the right sources you will grow, trust me. I learned how much diet can really effect everything, its one of those things that the earlier you get down the faster you will get to being bigger.

  8. Only thing I'd add is, like Brent said, some fish oil, flaxseed oil, and perhaps even some borage oil to cover the efas

  9. Flaxseed, a friend of mine took it and quit it and said it smelled like paint thinner lol. Alright thanks, I'll add that.

    As for my diet.

    It consists of fruits, berries, nuts, steaks, potatoes, yams, rice, eggs(all, not just white), tuna, angelhair pasta. Thats basically all I eat.

    Since I really am not seeing results with these sort of things, would it be ok to eats cakes and milkshakes since they got alot of calories and carbs?

    As for what I drink... water, gatorade, applejuice, cranberryjuice, assorted juices by jumex, and milk.

    I eat pretty consistently. I always get in at least 5 meals daily(I count a protein shake as a meal). Sometimes I get 6 but I make sure no less than 5.

    btw, I dunno if this would effect anything but a couple months ago, I took some chewable NO tablets by eurgofarm. Forgot the name of em though. They didnt do anything to help me either except give my head needles and pins.

    Also, I have taken NO-Xplode last year and for some odd reason, it had no affect on me mentally or physically. I ended up giving it to a friend. Just some extra info. Anything else you guys wanna know, just ask.

    I think I just got a high tolerance for stimulants.



    To gain weight you need to take in a surplus of calories not take more supplements. Make up a meal plan, count your calories and macros, and adjust total intake to meet your goals. Then you can waste your money on supps.

  11. Remember dietary supplements are exactly that... dietary supplements. They supplement your diet. One thing that helps me when I'm bulking is whole wheat (or multi-grain) pasta and olive oil. Its calorie dense, nutritious and low glycemic...and easy to eat a ton. I like Barilla Plus Penne. It's made of durum wheat, oats, barley, lentils and ground flaxseed.

    serving sive 2oz (uncooked)
    total fat 1g
    cholesterol 0
    sodium 25mg
    total carbohydrate 38g
    dietary fiber 4g
    sugars 1g
    protein 10g

    Here is one of my favorite bulking meals. 2 cup of this cooked 6 oz grilled chic breast 1cup steamed broccoli and 16oz glass whole milk and 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil drizzled on pasta. Do that a for a few of your meals everyday and your body will have no choice but to grow. And unless you just want to get fat, stay away from cakes and milkshakes... thats just being silly

  12. I read somewhere that if you cook broccoli, you rid it of all the nutrients. So should I eat a cup of raw broccoli or steam it or boil it?

    Btw, Ego, that sounds damn good for a meal.

    But yeah, that sounds like a winner to me. Whole grain pasta, never tried before.

    One thing I am doing wrong is probably not getting enough carbs if I am correctly.

    Heres an example of a mealplan I do. This was yesterdays btw.

    Meal 1- 5 eggs, 1 bagel, cup of apple juice
    Meal 2- Protein shake
    Meal 3- 2 chickensalad sandwiches on whole weat bread, strawberry/blueberry mixture
    Meal 4- 2 yogurts... thats it lol
    Meal 5- green beans, rice, can of tuna
    Meal 6- steak and potatoe, finally home from work

    Note that I ate every 2-3 hrs the entire time I was up
    Just cant gain. Can you guys give me a sample mealplan. I dont think Im doing it right now actually.


  13. As for the broccoli... steam , boil, raw... whatever, just dont overcook. As far as the mealplan, nice but MORE!!!

    meal 1: add 1 cup of oatmeal with 1/3cup of raisins (an extra 80-90 g of healthy carbs. Meal 2: add 2 tbsp flaxseed oil (an extra 28g healthy fat. meal 3: replace chic salad with 6oz chic breast (eliminating all the mayo in the chic saladand ensuring 40g protein) and 1 med size yam. meal 4: add 1 cup cottage cheese (an extra 25g protein). meal 5: substitute rice for brown rice (lower glycemic). meal 6: sub potato for yam (lower glycemic).... and I'd add a fatty piece of fish (like salmon) right before bed.

    Just working off your sample mealplan, those would be the changes/adds I'd propose... seems like alot of food because it is. You'll spend alot of time eating but you'll add some quality pounds. just make sure to stay focused in the gym and dont over/under train and you will be huge before you know it!!

  14. never heard of undertrain lol.

    My setup is like this.

    Day 1- Chest//Abs
    Day 2- Full Back//Traps
    Day 3- Quads//Hams//Calves
    Day 4- Tri's//Shoulder
    Day 5- Bi's//Forearms

    2 rest days whenever

    If I ever go past an hour 15 mins in the gym... I just quit and leave no matter what set Im on lol.

    As far as sets go: exercise//set

    Chest- 3//4
    Back- 4//3
    Abs- 3//3
    Traps- 2//3
    Quads- 2//3
    Ham- 1//4
    Calves- 2//6
    Tri- 3//3
    Shoulder- 3//4
    Bi- 3//4
    Forearm- 2//4

    I dont think its overtraining because I get 2 days off during the week and i dont work the same bodypart twice. I also limit myself to hour 15 mins MAX. I usually am done 45min-hr.

    I tend to superset the 2 bodyparts I work that day so I get out of the gym faster.

    Is this bad for someone with a goal to gain mass//weight?


    btw, I never have done full body workout or half body workout before. Always done separate bodyparts.

  15. looks good to me... Just make sure your rep range is 6-10reps on the compound lifts and heavy.... you shoud have no prob growing. Training is the easy part for me, constantly eating BIG and CLEAN is the tough part

  16. Training is the easy part for me, constantly eating BIG and CLEAN is the tough part

    Yeah, training is really easy for me on everything... but legs hehe. For some reason, every dang time I do squats, I feel like I'm going to puke and nauseated for the remainder of the workout. How do you overcome that???

    I have an unique ability to withstand pain. When I hurt or am about to fail, I got no problem trying to get yet another rep even if I dont fully complete it. But I know I exhaust my body quite well. I also change my workouts VERY OFTEN and I usually am sorta sore everytime I work a bodypart out which lets me know I'm training at full intensity.

    Yeah, what more is there to say? Dieting is a *****.

    Btw, what you guys think of those bulk carb powders? They ok to take? Dang cheap... just dunno what the taste is like.


  17. Quote Originally Posted by Trench
    Btw, what you guys think of those bulk carb powders? They ok to take? Dang cheap... just dunno what the taste is like.
    Stick to whole food bro. Lots of good natural starch sources available that are cheap and bring their own micronutrients (ie vitamins and minerals).

  18. Leave the carb powders to the endurance athletes.


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