melting point, sesamin, lipidFX

  1. melting point, sesamin, lipidFX

    what do you guys think of these products

  2. I can only speak for the Melting Point and the Sensamin. I have pretty much done every fat burning type of supplement during my past 20 plus years of training. After coming on board with Designer Supplements a few months ago I had the chance to use Melting Point during my upcoming contest preparation. I have had unreal results. In fact I am 3 weeks out from my first show and I just stopped taking it ONLY because of the water retention associated with its use. It is truly that good when combined with a diet conducive to fat burning. My only thought would be if you are going to use the MP and Sensamin together I would stick to a dosage of 4 MP and 2 Sensamin a day. When i tried to combine the two at higher dosages the sides kicked in a little. Reduced the dosage and had no problems! check out the Melting Points FAQ within the Designer Supplement area. I also have a contest log I am keeping with some pics if you want to get an idea of my results on this product

  3. Sesamin is a very good supplement to aid with fat loss. I would permanently use this instead of fish oils(money wise) I find it useful and has many benefits. I tried the sesalean by avantlabs and scivation's caps. Both pretty good.

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