Bulking Stack Questions

  1. Bulking Stack Questions

    Im looking to start Bulking on a stack that goes like this...

    Rebound Reloaded
    Cissus RX
    Rem R3G
    Size On
    Animal Pak

    Looking to possibly raise the doses above reccomended as alot of people seem to get better results...Does this stack have decent synergy, or am i missing something, im planning on making a detailed Log for 1-2 months while using this stack, starting monday....

    Any suggestions or comments welcome, looking to put on some size, as my PCT is near its end, but ill explain all the details in the Log, just making sure i got the supplements right, do i need tribulus or such, or is test pretty much covered?


  2. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    good luck man, looks like alot of stuff to take at once.

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