For those who like EAS products...

  1. For those who like EAS products... has a nice sale going. You can pick up a 42 pack of Myoplex for $46 or the 5 lb whey for under $21 free shipping. Of course if that's a little too much you could always take it over to easypricematch. I found it looking for melatonin which I desperately need at the moment.

  2. they had a sale on EAS for awhile now. also, even though it says free shipping next to the 5lb simply whey, they changed their free shipping deal to orders over 50 dollars. Lastly, has the 42 myoplex variety pack for 39.99 right now. Sorry i had to break it down like that cuz vitaglo is a good supplement distributor. Sage

  3. this is interesting, it seems like I've seen a lot of places selling EAS **** dirt cheap lately...

  4. yeah, they send stuff in the mail too

    "March is Myoplex month"
    stuff like that

  5. "March is Myoplex month"

    LMFAO, what's next. "Nitro Tech gets you huge in November"

  6. naaaw... EVERY month is Nitro Tech month!!! GRRRR!!!

  7. They've had this sale going on for 6 months now. I noticed my gym was having a sale on EAS too.


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